About Us

About Us

Sourcing and supply chain management

Al Habel is one of the leading and most efficient company operating across GCC. Our team have vast and extensive experience within multiple portfolios and are leaders in Supply Chain and Sourcing activities across various industries. Alhabel considers themselves as their clients’ strategic sourcing partner, and can supply them all types of materials, services and consulting. Sourcing is crucial in any industry; proficient skills and technical expertise in this field are essential to procuring the right products, at the right cost, and at the right time. Al habel is here to provide these highly sought after skills.
Sourcing and supply chain management   Becoming a quality exporter of construction, oil and gas, marine and industrial materials, it also built its network of export partners from countries in the Middle East like Oman and Qatar, and, in India and Pakistan in Asia where it represented many exporters for their products. Its main markets are Middle East, South East and its products are exported to other countries in the Gulf region, Europe and Southeast Asia. The quality of their imported products clearly meets the high quality standards set by the government of UAE and for many countries to whom it serves. Al Habel Building Materials Trading over the years of operation has gained a strong position in the Middle East market and will strive to become a leading supplier not only in the UAE, but the whole of the Middle East. Today, the company is gaining ground as a leading general trading company in Dubai, UAE dealing in materials for construction, oil / gas and numeruos industrial commodities.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to strengthen our position as the leader in our product lines. Excellence through Quality, Product Innovation and Technology Up-gradation is the Al Habel Mission. Commitment to Customers, Overcoming Challenges is Al Habels Creed. The Vision of the company is to become a leader in all its product lines. We respect and harmonize with the environment and believe in the well-being of the communities in which we serve.

Our Services

Al Habel Building Materials Trading also provides high level of assistance for any interested exporters / importers starting from preparation of price quotation, to shipping until delivery of the products. If you would be interested to become our Network Partner for Al Habel Building Materials Trading, we will be happy to provide you access to our quality products, enjoy our special rates and have peace of mind with our reasonable payment structures. We are also looking for serious and reliable export partners for various types of collaboration in the supply of quality goods and products in the field of construction, oil and gas. Contact our office directly in Dubai, United Arab Emirates should you be interested in becoming our affiliate dealer or official distributor in your area.